Last night we were at my in-laws for another Christmas Celebration.  We were drinking wine, most of it red, when I made a big mistake.  I forgot I had nearly a full glass when I swung my arm around and spilled wine all over my shirt.  OH no!  This is one of my favorite shirts, what am I going to do?  Luckily, my in laws are wine experts and told me to use dawn dish soap.  Really?  Noo... it can't work that easily?

I went over under the sink and found some dishsoap.  I took a paper towel, wet it with warm water and worked some dawn dishsoap in so it started to sud.  Then I just dabbed away at the stain and in INSTANTLY came out.  Unbelievable!!!!

I guess they also said that white wine will take out the red wine stain too, but I've already wasted enough wine by now!