There have been several incidents lately where a vehicle has been pulled over in the Washburn County, Wisconsin area by a criminal impersonating an officer.  The Washburn County Sheriff's Department has posted a warning to residents on their Facebook page.  They offer some tips on how to keep yourself safe and within the law if you suspect you have been pulled over by an imposter.

They say a real Wisconsin police officer will have red and blue lights.  The car with lights in these incidents have only been using blue lights.

Also if you are unsure or concerned about it being an imposter, roll your window down slightly and ask for an ID.  If they can't confirm and you need to leave the scene, drive the speed limit to a well lit populated place such as a police station or 24 hour gas station. Call 911 ASAP so the police can catch these criminals.

Here is the post from the Sheriff's page.



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