For more than a decade, the Northern Lights Foundation has asked the Twin Ports one burning question: "Do We Need More Cowbell"?  The question has been the source of inspiration for a popular fundraising event for their charitable organization.

This year, their question is a little different as the Northern Lights Foundation asks: "should they continue holding their 'More Cowbell' fundraiser".

After holding the event since 2009, the non-profit has put together a three question survey that they're promoting on their Facebook page. Basically, they want to know whether or not Northlanders have tired of the theme, would they like to see it "retired", and if so - what could or what should take its place.

Whatever decision is made, the mission of the organization isn't changing. In 2006, Ken Larson, DDS founded the charity with the "mission of providing financial support to families with children who have life-threatening illnesses".

Larson's involvement came from spending a few years volunteering with other national children's charities following the loss of his infant daughter.  With the Northern Lights Foundation, the mission and the call to service was brought to the local level.  According to their website, Larson "chose the name Northern Lights Foundation for this new non-profit organization because his vision was to bring some much needed light into the lives of children and families who were experiencing a dark time".

Since it's inception in 2006, the Northern Lights Foundation has "raised more than $400,000 and made grants to more than 180 Northland families".  The "More Cowbell" event has played a major role in that fundraising since 2009.

You can take the survey by clicking here.

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