Deer season is getting close, and as we are getting our licenses and gear ready to go, it's time to reflect back on some of our best stories from deer camp.  Share your stories with us, and we'll feature them on the radio leading up to deer season. 

My personal best story was back in 2009.  It was the third day of deer camp, and I hadn't had any luck up to this point.  I went out to the stand and while I was crossing the swampy area, I noticed my foot was getting wet inside my boot.   Turns out somehow I had a gash in my boot and water was pouring in.

Luckily it wasn't cold that day, so I carried on.   I started crawling up the ladder to the home made stand when a rung popped out of the ladder and I fell about 5 feet onto my butt.   Well, it wasn't just my butt, I also had a nail sticking straight in my cheeck.   I pulled it out, bleading everywhere, and limped back to the deer camp.   I stopped to rest on a rock on the way back as I was having a hard time walking, when just about 30 seconds later a big buck came walking by.  I shot him, and bagged my first actual buck.  So moral of the story is even when things aren't going right when hunting, it can change in a minute.

Share your story with us and we'll read it over the air on the B105 Breakfast Club!

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