Scotty McCreery proved that he's earned the respect of young fans, older fans and even superstar fans at Countryfest 2014. After all, John Michael Montgomery did request a picture with the 20-year-old -- and not many young singers can add that to their claim to fame!

According to WGNA, McCreery was just returning from a meet and greet, getting ready to go onstage at the festival on June 28 when he walked over to Montgomery's tour bus. When McCreery stood in front of the massive bus, the door swung open and the band filed out, each shaking the young star's hand as they passed.

When Montgomery walked out of the bus, he stopped next to the 'See You Tonight' hitmaker, yelling, "Hey Andrew! I wanna get a picture with Scotty, man!"

McCreery replied, "I'm a big fan, brother." Montgomery dished back a compliment, saying, "What you did to my song, man -- that was awesome. That was good!" Montgomery pulled his brother Eddie in, and the three stars cheesed it up for the photo. And country music exploded.

McCreery just released a summery, feel-good music video for his latest single 'Feelin' It.'

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'See You Tonight'