The Northland has what seems like an endless supply of 5K's and beer festivals, but one fun tradition we are lacking for Christmas is a good old Santa Pub Crawl.

Santa Pub Crawls are done all over the country, with the closest to our area being held in Minneapolis on Saturday, December 15.  It's really a simple concept that can generate a lot of fun and some revenue for local businesses.

Basically, you get several local bars to participate as a stopping spot for the pub crawlers.  Ideally, they are all within the same general area, like downtown Duluth and Canal Park.  As an official location, they offer drink specials for participants and food specials if they serve it.  They can also be creative and have fun decorations, games, Christmas karaoke, music, etc.

Next, you line up buses or shuttles to take participants from location area to location area.  In Duluth, it would be a bus dedicated to run from downtown to Canal Park.  You also work with a cab company or transportation service to offer free or discounted rides home.

Now, promote the party!  Santa Pub Crawl participants pay around $15 - $20 in other locations.  Participants must dress up in Santa outfits, or as Mrs. Claus, elves, Rudolph or other Christmas character themed apparel.

For the fee, participants get a couple free drinks as well as discounts at participating bars and transportation deals.  The fee won't be an issue once people buy into the public themed-party atmosphere.

I know this has been kicked around and tried a bit, but it's never been done consistently well in our area.  These don't have to be puke in the street, out of control poop shows.  It can be a festive way to party with friends and make new ones.

With all the fun changes downtown Duluth, I think the time is right for a real Santa Pub Crawl tradition to begin.  I'll even volunteer to be the grand marshal for the first one.  My dad was the Santa Claus at the old Goldfine's Department Store in Duluth, after all.

Annual SantaCon Pub Crawl Held In New York City
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