Russell Dickerson's third studio album is coming very soon. The "Home Sweet" singer announced this week that he will release a self-titled album on Nov. 4.

Not only did Dickerson reveal the album release date, but he also shared the album cover and 15-song tracklist. Russell Dickerson is set to feature his 2022 single "She Likes It," (feat. Jake Scott), as well as a new track, "I Wonder," out Friday (Sept. 30).

Triple Tigers Records
Triple Tigers Records

Dickerson co-wrote every track alongside co-writers like Ashley Gorley, Josh Kerr, Matt Jenkins and more. He also co-produced the project with Dann Huff, Zach Crowell, Casey Brown, Josh Kerr, Ben Johnson and Alysa Vanderheym.

The country star says the collection of songs showcase his authentic self.

"No matter how far we get into this, I want people to know it's still me," Dickerson notes in a press release. "I’m still the hyper, outgoing, fun-loving, crazy dude on stage. But also these songs are so meaningful to me. It's not all hype and smoke and lights. I am a songwriter, I trust my instincts, and now my instincts are telling me to share 100-percent me, and creatively just let it flow."

He also released a music video for "I Wonder" on Friday — the video shows clips of the singer in the studio and doing a photoshoot while the lost-love tune plays.

Russell Dickerson's Russell Dickerson Tracklist: 

1. "Blame It on Being Young" (Russell Dickerson, Josh Kerr, Parker Welling)
2. "Sorry" (Russell Dickerson, Hunter Phelps, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson)
3. "She Likes It" Feat. Jake Scott (Russell Dickerson, Jake Scott, Josh Kerr)
4. "I Still Believe" (Russell Dickerson, Parker Welling, Matt Jenkins, Zach Crowell)
5. "Big Wheels" (Russell Dickerson, Ashley Gorley, Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson)
6. "I Remember" (Russell Dickerson, Alysa Vanderheym, Chris Ryan, Logan Turner, Matt McGinn)
7. "I Wonder" (Russell Dickerson, Jon Nite, Casey Brown)
8. "God Gave Me a Girl" (Russell Dickerson, Ashley Gorley, Chase McGill, Zach Crowell)
9. "All the Same Friends" (Russell Dickerson, Ashley Gorley, Chase McGill, Zach Crowell)
10. "Beers to the Summer" (Russell Dickerson, Matt Jenkins, Mark Holman)
11. "She’s Why" (Russell Dickerson, Josh Kerr, Sean Douglas)
12. "18" (Russell Dickerson, Josh Kerr, Illsey Juber, Ashley Gorley)
13. "Over and Over" (Russell Dickerson, Josh Kerr, Parker Welling, Jordan Reynolds)
14. "Drink to This" (Russell Dickerson, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, Parker Welling)
15. "Just Like Your Mama" (Russell Dickerson, Lori McKenna, Casey Brown)

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