By:Astrid Stawiarz
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The Judy Garland museum once offered a million dollars to return the Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers, they are finally coming home.

The FBI and Grand Rapids Police held a news conference to say they have found the pair that went missing in August of 2005. They were insured for $1 million dollars but the museum would rather have the shoes than collect the money. There are 4 total pairs of shoes still around but these were the real deal. The iconic shoes were on loan to the museum in Grand Rapids, MN by a private collector as part of a 10-week traveling tour when they went missing. The thief then smashed a Plexiglas case containing the slippers, and the alarm didn’t sound. The investigation yielded no fingerprints and no real evidence as to who pulled it off.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the shoes are considered to be worth 2-3 million, or more depending on the auction house that will value them. One of the stories is some youth stole them and were willing to throw them in the mines to hide them. One story said it was an inside job, which wasn't true, but it led to the information that got the FBI involved.

Authorities won't say more because the investigation is still going. In fact, if you have any information you can call the FBI or use our link to the website.

They have been one of the most sought-after things in Hollywood, and have a story that couldn't be written better than the one that is real. The shoes were originally sold for 15 grand, but then another pair popped up, then another pair. Which ones were real? None of them and all of them. I know that doesn't make sense, so I put that story below.

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