UAPS Can Sometimes Be Explained, & Sometimes Can't

Unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) sightings are becoming more and more common. We know that some of them can be easily explained. Lots of these sightings in the last couple of years have been Starlink satellites that fly in formation. But there are some sightings that even the government admits they have no idea what they are.

UFOs used to be a laughable subject, where people would be afraid to come forward with what they've seen. Now since the sightings have been featured on national news and programs like 60 Minutes, it's not so laughable. You have to open your mind to the possibilities that these phenomena do in fact exist.

Over the last several years I've had many people come forward with their sightings. Some of them get up-close looks like a huge oscillating ufo on the North Shore. Others are strange orbs in the sky. Just this week strange orange hovering lights were reported on a Superior community page. Others claimed to have seen it as well.

The Latest Superior Sighting

According to the witness, there were three separate bright spots of light in the sky and then two strange orange lights that were hovering and moving in multiple directions around the other three lights. It happened late in the night on Wednesday, October 6, and into the early morning hours of October 7. The entire incident took place in a timeframe of 10-15 minutes.  Others have commented that they have seen the same thing in other locations. Here's a video of similar sightings that have been going around.

Possible Explanations

There could obviously be some possible explanations. Some say it could be drones flying. A lot of people have drones, but also not a lot of people fly them at 1am in the morning in the middle of the week. The fog and mist we've been experiencing lately could also change the intensity, shape, and visual aspects of anything in the night sky. That's a real possibility.

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Another SpaceX Starlink Satellite Sighting?

Starlink Satellites are all over the globe and are responsible for many sightings. There's actually a website where you can track where they are, and where they will be. Lately, Starlink has turned down the lights so they aren't as visible. It's been a problem for astronomers, so that's why the company has dimmed the lights. That means that sightings are even less likely to be confused with the satellites as they previously were.

The frustrating thing about these strange lights that we keep seeing is that we likely will never know for sure. Maybe we are better off not even knowing. The world can only handle so much chaos.

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