2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 13
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Cookie Monster has always talked about cookies. He has always eaten cookies. Or has he?

At one time Cookie Monster was part of a campaign that had him selling the good things about vegetables and that cookies were a sometime food.

C'mon, that's like Oscar the Grouch saying it's good to be nice sometimes, and doing a campaign about it. They are there to make the example of. He was on NPR doing a bit about eating fruit.

Then he went back on to talk about Cookies, maybe his manager realized this was a bad move and was back out doing the circuit for damage control. Cookie Monster is a COOKIE Monster. He should just eat cookies. Maybe Elmo should have been brought on to talk about eating good food too.

This reminds me of the campaign that had parents reminding kids that they shouldn't order ACME anvils, or jump off a cliff while you are chasing a Road Runner. C'mon man.

Here's the original video.


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