It's that time of the year when more and more people seem to be getting the crud and soon flu cases will be on the rise.  Whether or not you decide to get a flu shot, remember there are things you can do to help prevent getting sick or spreading it to others.

The Minnesota Department of Health produced the poster above as a reminder to everyone of the basics:

  • Cover Your Cough:  Coughing literally launches germs into the air and when it hits others, they will most likely get sick.  Winter air is dry air, which means these germs fly even farther.  By simply coughing into your arm, you can prevent the spread of a bug.
  • Wash Your Hands:  Is it just me or are there far too many men who never wash their hands after they use the bathroom?  I absolutely hate seeing a dude walk right out after a flush and then go back into the world to shake hands and perhaps share some popcorn with you.  I wouldn't know if this is true for women, but I see it way to often with guys.  It takes two minutes to wash your hands and it can go a long way towards keeping you healthy.
  • Stay Home When Sick:  We all have that co-worker who comes in feeling like crap and talks about how miserable they are.  While I feel bad they're sick, my mind instantly goes to, "then why are you here?!!".  If you're sick, stay home and rest.  This will not only help you get well sooner, but will keep the rest of us away from your crud.
  • Get Vaccinated:  I'm not about to jump into this debate.  I will tell you that the Minnesota Department of Health and health officials recommend you get a flu shot.  While it won't 100% prevent you from getting sick, it provides the best chance to prevent getting the most common flu bugs and can lessen your symptoms if you do get a flu strain.  If you don't get the flu shot at least do the other things on this list to help prevent spreading disease.

Here's hoping we all stay healthy this season by consistently doing the little things that can make a major difference.


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