Reba McEntire wasn't in character when she stopped by the Rachael Ray Show on Friday (April 13), but she did talk about her gig as Colonel Sanders.

McEntire is the new face of KFC — she's actually the brand's first female Colonel — and it's a role she was excited to play. Fans were surprised when they first saw the fiery redhead in white-haired drag, and even she was shocked when she caught a glimpse in the mirror.

"The transformation took forever," McEntire admits. "They did a great job on me. I was walking around in the trailer waiting for them to come get me to do my part. I would look at my script and I'd go back in and go, 'Oh, that's me!'"

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The singer/actress was honored to be asked to play the role, and it's a look she can replicate, should she ever want to — KFC let her keep the costume! "But I don’t know if I can duplicate the hair," she admits. "I think they’re going to give me the mustache and the goatee!"

McEntire want to keep her hands out of the chicken bucket on Sunday (April 15) when she returns to Las Vegas to host the ACM Awards. It's her fifteenth time hosting the show, and she's doing her best to look her best.

"That’s the hardest part of doing an awards show, is finding the clothes," she admits, joking: "They said, ‘Do you want to do it?’ and I said, ‘Let me talk to a stylist first.'"

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