The CDC made a statement today telling Americans that we more than likely will be dealing with a spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. It's a terrifying thing, especially as we've been watching what is going on in China. We were hoping that we contained the virus early enough and that we wouldn't have to deal with it here in the US.

The media coverage of the Coronavirus has been non stop with images from China looking like the apocalypse. There's fears about the economy due to the disruption of the global market and Chinese manufacturing supplies. We hear about people being quarantined on cruise ships for weeks. It's really scary stuff.

However, it's not like we haven't dealt with this kind of scary stuff before. In fact, we're already dealing with it right now. Influenza infects more people, and it has killed far more people. There is a vaccine, but not everyone elects to get it and it isn't always 100% effective. It's still the best route to go. Get a shot!

Anyway, yes doctors don't know everything about the coronavirus and they are scrambling to learn more. Who knows how many people this could infect? But the reality is doctors say most people who can survive the flu will survive the coronavirus. Yes you should absolutely take every precaution and prepare for a disruption of life. But don't start panicking and feeding into the hysteria.

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