Ken and I are often asked to read to kids in a classroom setting.  It's fun for us to visit with the kids and interestingly we sometimes end up reading books that was read to US when we were growing up.  But, we can only cover so many classrooms.  If you volunteer your reading talents with Rolling Readers so many more Northland children will benefit.  Consider giving a bit of your time to the kids, they'll light up your world!

Rolling Readers was founded in 1991 by the late Robert Condon who was a literacy advocate and businessman.  He was reading aloud to his own kids and realized that by doing so it improved their vocabulary and they became more interested in books. He experimented by reading to kids at a local homeless shelter with the same results.

The local Rolling Readers of Duluth/Superior is a nonprofit organization formed in 1998 with a mission of fighting illiteracy by instilling a love for reading and books in children.

The Read Aloud Program recruits volunteer readers from the community and arranges for them to become weekly story time readers at Title 1 school classrooms and Head Start preschool programs. Volunteers include men and women of all ages, high school through retirees.

At the end of the school year, each child in the program receives a complimentary, personalized copy of a quality children's book. For some children, this is the first book the child will cherish as his or her own.

Be part of the excitement!  Rolling Readers of Duluth and Superior is looking for volunteers to read to kids! Volunteers read for an hour a week during the school year (each week with the same kids) at area grade schools.




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