The four other songs on RaeLynn's 'Me' EP prove the unique, sharply-penned 'God Made Girls' wasn't just a happy songwriting accident. This 20-year-old has serious skills in the writer's room, and she's friends with some of the hottest writers in town.

Of course having Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in your corner helps, but they would only get the former 'The Voice' contestant so far. She's on Lambert's Certified Platinum Tour currently, but she can't be Ran's opening act forever. Eventually RaeLynn will need to branch out and cuts like 'Careless' and 'Better Do It' will give the strength to do just that.

There's more to come. The next single isn't on the EP. Our bet is she'll release 'Love Triangle' as she recently told Taste of Country that this is the song she's most excited for fans to hear (those who haven't seen her live, that is). It's about her parents' divorce and like so much of what she writes it's heavy with emotion.

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What's going to make RaeLynn a star is her songwriting, and her indifference to haters. Her songs are edgy. 'Boyfriend' is more or less about stealing a girl's man (and it sort of worked for her) set to music produced by the forever risk-taking Joey Moi. 'Better Do It' feels like something Blake Shelton would cut if he was a 20-year-old female. Specks of 'Boys 'Round Here' are sprinkled all over this jam.

“I’d rather people be talking about me than not,” RaeLynn tells ToC. “I never wanna be a lukewarm artist. I always wanna be a hot or cold artist.”

There's a number of women on this list that are saying something similar and the best part is they're finding success on the radio. After a two year break to find herself and strengthen her chops as a songwriter, this Texan is eager to share what she's learned.

Watch RaeLynn Performs 'God Made Girls' Acoustic

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