Heads up mini golf fans: The Twin Ports area might be getting a new miniature golf course to add to the list of options available to challenge your skills. Business North reports conversations are underway in Proctor to construct a miniature golf course along with a café and retail space on Waterview Drive in Proctor.

The Proctor Planning & Zoning Commission held a meeting Monday evening (April 26) during which a public hearing was conducted on the subject of a conditional use permit for "Rogue Eagle Mini Golf", filed by business partners Luke Lindstrom and Kim Sorensen.

In the meeting (viewed below), the mother/son duo explained they intend to build an outdoor miniature golf course along with a "clubhouse café" on the proposed site. Lindstrom explained the business plan "has revolved around bringing some fun to Proctor, along with business and tax revenue" to the city.

Lindstrom explained he and Sorensen, both proud Proctor graduates, feel it is a prime location for a business of this nature. Sorensen noted that they feel this proposed mini golf course will be a compliment to nearby Spirit Mountain, which also features a number of summer activities, which include the Timber Twister alpine roller coaster, Timber Flyer Zip Ride, disc golf, as well as a mini golf course of their own.

Sorensen went on to express her excitement about this project, stating she has wanted to do something like this for 20 years. Creating a family-friendly business at what they call a great location.

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The duo told the planning commission that they will work with Harris Mini Golf, which is a miniature golf course design company based in Wildwood, New Jersey. Lindstrom says he has played some of the courses Harris has designed, calling them "awesome".

Phase 1 of the plan for the business would include an 18-hole outdoor course with the clubhouse café, with the hope of expanding to add a second 18 holes in Phase 2 of their business plan.

If you're not familiar, the location just up Boundary Avenue from the I-35 interchange, between Mountain Spirits Liquors and Golden Oaks.

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During their presentation, it was explained that Lindstrom and Sorensen do not yet own the property. They have a purchase agreement in place with the current property owner, but wanted to work with the planning commission before proceeding with the purchase of the property.

The commission did approve the conditional use permit on Monday night with the note that there would need to be some further exploration into issues like parking, lighting, and business hours. The Proctor City Council will next formally hear from Lindstrom and Sorensen about the proposed course at their May 3 meeting.

So, while things are in the very early stages of planning, the prospect of a course being opened in Proctor has started down the road of becoming a reality. While there are still some hurdles to clear before the land purchase can be made and construction can begin, it is definitely exciting news for people looking for another family attraction in the Twin Ports area.

So, what will the proposed Proctor course look like? While the proposal packet Lindstrom and Sorensen provided for the course was unavailable online, they did note that it would have elements of other courses designed by Harris Mini Golf, though likely customized to the theme of their specific course in Proctor. To offer some visuals of what this design company has done with other courses they've worked on, I decided to share some of the designs Harris has created at other courses, as displayed on their website.

Other Courses Created By Proposed Proctor Mini Golf Course Designer

While the proposed Proctor course would likely have its own flair, inspired by the theme and name "Rogue Eagle Mini Golf", here are some examples of other courses Harris Mini Golf has designed - just to give you an idea of what they've done with other courses in their portfolio.

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