It's probably safe to say that most parts of the country have slang terms, word, or phrases that are centric to the geographic region; things that only someone living in the area or from an area would truly understand.  Sure - accent and dialect factors into this phenomenon, but we're talking about specific words and phrases that could mean entirely something else to someone in a different part of the country.

Minnesota and the Northland are no exception.  Besides the accent that many claim we have (and there is a pronounced accent to be sure), there are also words that we tend to use freely in our daily conversations that could cause utter confusion to someone that's not from here.


Some of these phrases and words involve food and beverages - that's probably common to most regional jargon.  However, the extreme nature of the weather we experience in Minnesota and the Northland also contribute to a variety of meteorological terms that are uniquely ours as well.

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The good thing for visitors to our part of the country is that in addition to the unique words and phrases we're known for, we also have a reputation for being kind and helpful.  If you find yourself visiting our area and encounter a word or phrase that sounds foreign to you (something you don't understand), ask; more than likely the Northlanders around you will welcome the chance to help you out.  And who knows - you might even travel back to your home with some of these phrases added to your arsenal.  Check 'em out:

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Phrases Minnesotans Use That Outsiders Might Not Understand

It's safe to say that probably every part of the country has their own slang words, terms, or language that they use that's commonly understood among members of the community. But - if someone from outside of the area were to hear them, they would either not understand them, or they would misinterpret the meaning that the words have in that particular geographic region. It's no different in Minnesota. Minnesotans have some 'vague' terms that might be open to interpretation from others outside of the state, but have very definitive meanings to natives.

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