Over the weekend, I finally finished a book I had been so eager to read. It was written by Patty Wetterling, along with her friend and journalist who cracked Jacob Wetterling's case wide open, Joy Baker.

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Patty Wetterling became a household name decades ago when her son Jacob was abducted while on a bike ride home with his brother and neighbor. The Wetterling family lived in St. Joseph, a small town in Minnesota, making the crime that much more shocking. It soon became one of the most famous crimes to ever take place here.

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For nearly thirty years, the family had no answers as to what happened to their son. All that was known was that the three kids were biking home from a local convenience store when a man with a gun came out of the woods, took Jacob and told the other two to run.

The case was solved and just last year, Patty wrote a book about the experience. Because I am into true crime and this was such a big and wellknown case, I couldn't wait to read the book. It is called Dear Jacob: A Mother's Journey Of Hope. 

Most people winced when I told them I was reading the book, because it is such a devastating story. However, I really wanted to hear the story in Patty's own words and I am so glad I did. I cried for a good portion of the book while reading it.

This shouldn't deter you though. The book was also filled with inspiration. I won't give any spoilers, but instead will plead for you to read the story yourself. I will tell you that the book starts with the story of the night Jacob was kidnapped, which puts into perspective how your life can change in an instant.

While you can imagine what the family was feeling that night, I was shocked at all of the little things they had to deal with that I never even thought of. The next part of the book follows the case for the next few days, the next few weeks and the next year. It then follows the work Patty did to keep Jacob's case front of mind for decades, while also helping other families facing similar situations.

Of course, the book did not have a happy ending, as Jacob's killer confessed in exchange for a deal on charges unrelated to the investigation. My favorite part is when the cowriter of the book is introduced, as it shares the unlikely friendship the two of them formed and how she literally helped crack the case wide open after nearly thirty years, leading the case to finally be solved.

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I know this case is so sad and upsetting but this is worth the read. Patty leaves no stone unturned and I was amazed at her strength and how she truly dedicated her life to helping others, all while going through the hardest thing any parent could go through. I closed the book feeling inspired. You will too, even if you shed a few tears along the way. GRADE: A 

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