Respect. Compromise. Understanding. That's the old school way to keep your relationship going strong.

The very funny YouTube channel AwakenWithJP has come out with this equally funny video called "Passive Aggressive Relationship Techniques," which details how to build and sustain a successful relationship by being, you guessed it, passive aggressive.

As the couple in this clip tell us right at the top, "The key to a great relationship is control." How do you get control? Giving the cold shoulder, offering snarky comments, crushing your partner's dreams, giving backhanded compliments and making your partner feel inept are the key tools to keeping that special someone down just enough to maintain power over them while forging ahead down the path of romance, or at least the path to silent misery over the course of a lifetime trapped in a pairing with a person whose very presence makes you shudder with disdain.

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