Parmalee have released their third single in as many years, and they're hoping it will further their streak of success. After scoring back-to-back hits with "Just the Way" and "Take My Name," the band is looking for more of the same with "Girl In Mine."

But don't worry — they're not fretting too much over the song's potential. Instead, they're choosing to focus on their blessings and not get wrapped up in the grind.

"Just try to appreciate everything," Matt Thomas says while speaking to Taste of Country Nights. "You're just so enveloped in work all the time and you gotta do what's next and go, go, go. It's just hard to sit back and take it in, so we try to do that as much as possible."

Of course, as the band notes, that's easier to do when you've put out a few hits in row.

Parmalee came out of the gates running with their debut single "Carolina" in 2013. It would be another six years before the group released "Just the Way," which completely changed the game for them.

"'Just the Way' definitely flipped the script for us 100 percent because it had been a few minutes since we had a single at country radio and that thing just took off," Thomas recounts.

"It really gave us a lot of direction," he adds. "That was the best thing about that song, it gave us direction on what we needed to be doing. We finally fell into that groove."

And Parmalee have no plans on deviating from that groove any time soon. They kept the same game plan with "Take My Name" and are doing the same with "Girl in Mine." Although the latter is unproven at the moment, it has already garnered attention on social media.

"All these songs even from 'Just the Way' to this one, 'Girl in Mine', we put it on TikTok and all of a sudden it just took off," the lead vocalist reveals. "People started making their own videos and they're doing the thing with it. So it's really a good gauge on what's happening out there with the songs. It's really cool to be able to do that."

Another indicator of the group's success? Their environment — Parmalee are fully confident in the people they have around them.

"With our team around us, we're all working on the same goals and our communication is upfront every day all day." Thomas shares. "Everyone is working together so I feel like we're in a good spot."

"Girl in Mine" is not a part of Parmalee's third studio album, For You, nor is it a song they've had for very long. In fact, it might be the shortest amount of time they've held onto a song, as they wrote it fairly recently.

"We wrote it not long ago and we started playing it on the bus and everybody's just like 'man, it's gotta be next. We gotta go with this,'" Thomas says. "We connected with fans on this thing and this just seemed like the right way to go with this new song, even though we have the album that we just put out last year."

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