The fallout continues from the Aaron Rodgers injury during the Vikings/Packers game Sunday.  Rodgers could miss the rest of the season after breaking his collarbone on a hit by Anthony Barr and the debate rages on regarding whether it was a dirty hit. is reporting that Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is unhappy with the play, saying the hit was "totally unnecessary".

Meanwhile, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has a different opinion.  While he isn't happy that an injury occurred, he believes it was a legit football play and by no means dirty.

I've heard friends and fans debate this for a couple of days and it's not surprising that opinions vary based on which team is your favorite.  Personally, I don't think Barr intended to hurt Aaron Rodgers and it was a hard, but legal hit on a quarterback who was out of the pocket.  When a quarterback leaves the pocket, special rules no longer apply to them.

It's unfortunate that someone got hurt, but this is professional football and the players know what they're signing up for when they sign contracts that pay them more money that a majority of people will ever see in a lifetime.

Furthermore, the NFL already treats quarterbacks with kids gloves when compared to other players.  This is especially true with star players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers who get calls other quarterbacks may not.  Should we just let popular players wear their red practice jerseys during games so that nobody is allowed to touch them at all?

This is football and players get hurt.  The Green Bay Packers are now dealing with what every other team in the league deals with.  They have a plan in place until Aaron Rodgers returns, so it's time to turn the page and enjoy how this unpredictable season plays out.

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