On Monday afternoon Peter McClelland and his crew at White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures had some company. The sheriff showed up to tell them that they needed to evacuate the property immediately because of the Greenwood Fires that are threatening his home and kennels. This would be stressful for anybody to hear to try and figure out what to grab and head out, but how about 100 mushing dogs too?

That's when McCelland put his fire plan to use and started calling fellow mushers for help, and it worked. Right away 10 mushers showed up at his property ready to help him out.  He is staying with 50 of his dogs ion a property in Ely while his other dogs are scattered around staying with some of his fellow mushers.

McCelland spoke with WDIO saying:

We're friends, but we also have competing businesses. But the dogs always come first, That's how it is. It's what's important.

McCelland spent most of his day Tuesday checking in on all of his dogs to make sure they had shade to lay in and were comfortable. Although he is not sure how long he will have to be away from his place he knows that his dogs will be well cared for. And the fact that since he works with them so closely they are used to traveling and being in strange places, his dogs trust him to know they will be ok.

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You love to hear stories like this when here you have this group of mushers that compete against each other, but when it comes down to it they are their for each other in a pinch no questions ask. That is what life is all about, being kind to others and looking out for each other. Fingers crossed your home and kennels remain intact and that you and your dogs can get home soon.

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