Imagine if you were walking throughout the streets of Minneapolis or St. Paul and you spot none other than the one and only Oprah!

That happened to a few people over the weekend who caught a glimpse of the famous talk show host in the Land of 10,000 Lakes! Oprah was in town over the weekend for her 2020 Vision Tour, which made a stop at the Xcel Energy Center on Saturday.

She flew into our neck of the woods a day early so she could explore and explore she did! The superstar shared several videos on her social media pages, showing her playing tourist. My favorite video is one she posted of her reacting to the Minnesota cold. Ha!

Take a look at the funny video below:

I love her! And by the way, I don't blame her for saying she'll see us in the summer next time. It is a different kind of cold, after all.

In early 2019, Oprah's best friend Gayle King also made a stop in Minnesota and she happened to be a huge fan...of the airport's bathrooms.

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