It's interesting to point out that our President knew about the operation, or at least the intelligence throughout this entire last weekend.  I would have never guessed.  I've seen clips of him at the White House Correspondent's roast of Donald Trump and touring the tornado disaster area in Alabama.  During those moments he was contemplating the moves on what is the most defining moment of his Presidency to date.

That's a heck of a poker face.  There is only one thing that may have given a heads up to people that something may have been going on.

WASHINGTON – Golf shoes in the Oval Office could have been a clue.

President Barack Obama usually goes to the residence quarters of the White House after putting in a few weekend hours on the links. But he made an unusual beeline for his West Wing office last Sunday that raised eyebrows only in retrospect.

He was headed for a top-secret meeting to review final preparations for a military operation he'd approved two days earlier, the one involving a raid by Navy SEALs that would end with the death of Osama bin Laden, one of the world's most hunted men.

In the full article at yahoo there were a few other indications.  But I would have to say he did a pretty darn good job at keeping this a secret until Osama Bin Laden was killed.