It's hard to picture a family living in conditions that are without heat, but that happens in the Northland.  As our temps drop, and the economy worsens, people begin to wonder if they can keep the heat on in their homes.  The Salvation Army has a program to help, it's called Heat Share and you can help.

What is HeatShare?

HeatShare helps families in need by providing year-round emergency assistance for their heating and utility bills. Funds are used for natural gas, oil, propane, wood, electricity and furnace repairs. It's a voluntary non-governmental program of The Salvation Army that has served more than 120,000 households since 1982.

HeatShare is a last resort for those who have no other resources available to see them through the winter.

If you are in need of financial assistance and would like more info on the Heat Share program, call 800.842.7279.

Info via:  Salvation Army