I had a chance the other day to stop into the Gander Outdoors store that sits where the old Gander Mountain did in Hermantown.  I was the first person in the door when they opened that morning so I had a pretty good opportunity to really look around without a bunch of foot traffic around.  I wanted to inquire about a gun safe I saw advertised.

My first impression was that it felt much brighter inside.  All of the staff had smiles on their faces and were incredibly helpful.  I had a bunch of questions about the safe I was looking at and 2 staff members in particular seemed to know just about everything I asked and more.  While I didn't buy one that day, I will indeed be back for one from there as I was at other locations last week not getting near the help I needed.

I have to say that the prices throughout the store were very impressive, in particular on firearms.  When it was Gander Mountain, I would go in and look at certain ones because of the selection and then buy whatever I was looking at somewhere else because of their high prices.  With the price points at Gander Outdoors, I will be buying right from them from now on, plus they still have the huge selection.

I ended up walking out with a new pair of Oakley sunglasses that I was way over due to replace my old ones.  I was just going to order them online, but again the prices were good enough it made sense to get them there.  I also signed up for their Good Sam Club to get further discounts with my sunglasses purchase and on further purchases.

Their official grand opening is happening this Saturday the 17th, and you can get all of the details on what they have going for that here.  If you are an outdoors enthusiast at all, I suggest you check out Gander Outdoors.

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