I admit it, I love super heroes.  I'm not a fanatic in that I don't own comic books and I don't know every little thing about the hero universe.  However, as a young boy growing up I couldn't miss a rerun of the old Adam West Batman series and I could not get enough of Spiderman in any capacity (I even watched 'The Electric Company' for their horrible Spiderman stories).  The beauty of having a young son, who also loves Spiderman, Iron Man and heroes in general, is that I can get excited about them and hope everyone thinks it's just for him.  However, I must come clean.

Even if my son didn't love these characters, I would still be jazzed whenever a new movie like Iron Man or Captain America came out.  Needless to say, when I saw photos and previews of 'The Avengers' movie, I was very excited.  It was like that little boy I used to be came right to the surface once again.  All these heroes finally in one movie?!   I will be there, with my son or completely alone.  I am not afraid to let my geek flag fly for this or the new Spiderman movie coming out too.  Who's with me?


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