I was so excited yesterday morning to get our Disney+ launched. We had purchased ahead of time about a month ago in anticipation. Things seemed to go off in the morning without a hitch. My wife logged in immediately and was already watching Disney movies by 8 am. I logged in on my iPhone app and couldn't wait to dive in when I had a few free minutes. Then the problems started.

It's not a suprise, as there is a huge demand on Disney+ that there were bound to be some glitches. Unfortunately, my glitches have continued into day two. Here's what happened.

First off, I tried to log in on another device that was compatible, but my password wouldn't work. I got an error code. I thought maybe I was logged into too many devices, so I logged out of my app on my phone. Then after I still couldn't log in on anything else, I went back to log in on my phone and now I get an error code 83 saying they cannot access our account.

Fortunately, the Roku TV we originally logged in with is still working. We were able to watch some Disney+ yesterday. Besides this nagging log in issue, the performance of the app once you're logged in works pretty good. It was a vast enough collection to start that we will have plenty to watch while they work on adding to the library.

One of the most exciting things was watching the first episode of 'The Mandalorian." It's the new live action Star Wars series on Disney+, and it is very well done. It felt like a piece of a Star Wars movie. I can't wait for the next episode on Friday.

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The kids and I also watched some old Muppet movies that brought me back to my childhood, and finished the night with watching a little bit of Empire Strikes Back just because I can. I think the best part of Disney+ so far is bonding with my kids on movies I grew up loving, with just a click away.

Here's hoping I hear back from Support and get this straightened out soon! Otherwise, besides the glitch, it's a promising start.

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