My daughter came down the stairs screaming on the evening of Taylor Swift's 34th Birthday this Wednesday. That's when she realized that you can now rent Taylor's Eras Tour on streaming platforms.

There aren't words to describe how excited she's been about this coming out. She's 10 years old, and like just about every other girl, she's a big Swiftie. Our pontoon rides around the lake at the cabin in the summer are a constant Taylor Swift Playlist.

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To be honest, I kinda blew it as a parent. I couldn't bring her to the Eras Tour when she was in Minnesota, but we planned to take her to the movie theater to watch it when it came out. Then, the day I finally had time to bring her to the movie, it was already out of theaters.

So to make up for this, we told her that when it comes out on streaming, we'd throw a big Taylor Swift watch party and she could invite some friends over. She quickly got to work preparing her checklist for the party.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

She presented this to us last night while she was supposed to be brushing her teeth for bedtime. Still, it was pretty cute. In case you can't read her 4th-grade writing, the note says the following for must-have items for the watch party:

  • Snacks
  • Popcorn
  • Danceable clothes
  • lights down/ off
  • movie ready

P.S.> Make sure you put the snacks on the football cutting board. You know, Travis Kelce, hehe.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Here's to a fun weekend of screaming girls (and me) at our Taylor Swift watch party.

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