The Minnesota State High School League has decided the fate of fall high school sports in the state during the pandemic, allowing some to be played, while pushing football and volleyball seasons to spring.

According to our media partners at WDIO-TV, after a virtual board of directors meeting, it was decided that individual sports such as girls tennis, cross country, and girls swimming and diving will be allowed to be played this fall with shorter seasons and fewer events and teams allowed at each event.

Cross country events have been limited to three teams per event, tennis and swimming and diving have been limited to two teams and all three sports are limited to playing in 1-2 contests per week.


A unanimous vote also allowed soccer to begin practicing on August 17, but the season will be played with a 30% reduction in competitions and a 20% reduction in weeks. One to two games will be allowed per week, but scrimmages will not be allowed. There is currently not a plan for the postseason.

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Two high school sports that will not be allowed to begin this fall in Minnesota are volleyball and football.

Volleyball will moved to spring season, with a season running from March to May, 2021.

Football will be moved to spring, with a season that is expected to take place from March to May 2021.  There will be no scrimmages, a shorter season, and fewer games.  As with soccer, there is currently not a football postseason plan in place.

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