This morning we all found out that NBC News had fired popular host Matt Lauer due to alleged sexual misconduct.  It only took a few hours for another high profile celebrity to be fired due to similar allegations., as well as other sources, are reporting that Minnesota Public Radio has fired popular personality Garrison Keillor due a sexual harassment report.  The alleged incident occurred with an employee who worked with him.

Per the StarTribune story, Keillor reached out to them via email to share his side of the story.  In his email he stated:

“I put my hand on a woman’s bare back. I meant to pat her back after she told me about her unhappiness and her shirt was open and my hand went up it about six inches. She recoiled. I apologized. I sent her an email of apology later and she replied that she had forgiven me and not to think about it. We were friends. We continued to be friendly right up until her lawyer called.”

This is the fist time the retired radio host has faced such allegations.



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