Don’t look now, but Mother’s Day 2012 is on Sunday. Sure, there are the typical gifts — flowers, a nice dinner, a sweet card — but aren’t those a little boring and overdone? This year, try personalizing a gift to hit Mom’s country music tastes. This list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day includes 10 things she’ll absolutely love to own, which means you’ll be on her good side for at least another month or two.

From cookbooks and novels penned by famous singers to makeup bags and credit card cases, the online stores of artists like Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson and Martina McBride may have you covered this year. In a number of cases, you should be able to express a loving sentiment at a bargain price — like under $1 for a perfect gift that revolves around Taylor Swift. Really! Click the big orange button below to find a quick save for all your Mother’s Day anxiety.

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