It started in 2021; It's expected to wrap up mid-year 2024.  Work in Duluth on the multi-year Twin Ports Interchange Project will reach it's peak this summer.  And while work has continued even through last winter, a ramp up on activities will be noticeable over the next few weeks.

That's why the Minnesota Department of Transportation has scheduled another update meeting to share important details, provide answers to questions, and solicit commentary.  That meeting will happen on Monday, May 23 at 12:15 PM.

Similar to most meetings for the Twin Ports Interchange Project, MNDOT will host this session in a total virtual manner; the state transportation agency has started to migrate some of their public meeting sessions back to in-person, or at least a hybrid of both in-person with a virtual component.

Looking at the timetable of traffic impacts for the Twin Ports Interchange work that was released by MNDOT, activity on almost all elements of the project will last at least through the end of summer-early fall.

Michael Foley/MNDOT Graphic
Michael Foley/MNDOT Graphic

One hold-out to that information is with where Miller Creek and Coffee Creek run underneath I-35.  That area is currently a focus for MNDOT road crews.  According to the timetable, the work there should be done by the end of May - weather and conditions permitting.

If you'd like to take part in the public meeting on May 23, click the link on MNDOT's website to join in.  Those without internet access can also join by calling 855-282-6330 and entering access code "2483 845 7887".  Those who are unable to attend in person can access a recording that will be posted on the project webpage.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation invites and encourages participation by everyone.  In order to make that access easier, they will provide an ASL, a foreign language interpreter, or other reasonable accommodations.  Additionally, they can provide documents in an alternative format - such as braille or large print.  Accommodation requests should be made in advance by calling Janet Miller at 651-366-4720.

For more information about the Twin Ports Interchange (Can of Worms) Project or any of the road work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their homepage.  That's where you'll find detailed project pages for each of the work zones located throughout the state.  In addition, MNDOT also provides real time traffic information.

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