The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department is temporarily closing the Mission Creek Trails Parking Lot Off of Becks Road.

This move is needed as they have begun parking lot enhancements and construction of an improved connection to the Munger Trail from the Beck’s Road Trailhead, located on Old Mission Creek Parkway.

These improvements are part of the DWP Trail System Technical Standards and Trail Use Plan, an Addendum to the 2017 St. Louis River Corridor Trails Plan, which was approved in 2019.

The overall purpose of the addendum was:

To update the 2017 St. Louis River Corridor Trails Plan
and establish guidelines for the restoration and use of the DWP Trail corridor.

The guiding principles were then established as:

  1. Identify best practices for trail etiquette,
    safety, signage, corridor usage, and user
    conflict mitigation
  2. Develop infrastructure that is in harmony
    with the surrounding environment
  3. Provide clarity on the usage and
    development of the DWP Trail and
    corridor and clean up contradicting
    recommendations from past planning
  4. Provide high quality opportunities for
    local residents and regional users

During this project, access to the Mission Creek trail system from this trailhead will remain closed.  It should reopen at the end of June, when construction is expected to be completed.

City of Duluth Parks and Recreation staff would like to remind all residents that parking along Becks Road is prohibited. Those seeking to use the Mission Creek trail system should park at Chamber’s Grove Park.

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