Lutsen Resort has been a family-run ski area for 75 years. Nestled within the Superior National Forest, on the North Shore of Lake Superior, it was first run for 32 years by the Nelson Family, while the Skinner family has run the popular resort for the last 43 years.

Lutsen Mountains boasts that it offers the Midwest’s only true mountain ski area experience, with four interconnected peaks overlooking Lake Superior.

According to its website, the ski area has always had the topography to lay claim to the largest ski area in the Midwest. However, in order to maintain its reputation as the premier destination ski area in the Midwest, they have continued to make constant improvements while being open to continual transformation.

The transformation of Lutsen Resort will continue this winter as they've recently announced they are replacing the Poplar River Pub with a new seasonal European-inspired restaurant and bar.

According to a recent post on the Lutsen Resort's Facebook page, the new restaurant and bar, called The Stubli, will be making its first appearance on Friday, December 15.

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The Stubli will serve an Après cuisine, featuring "authentic coursed fondue, schnitzels, and rosti all complimented with the finest European ales and German mulled wines." They also promise a little fusion as well, including a Jager Poutine they are excited to have everyone taste.

Lutsen Resort is always a great place for skiing and snowboarding with family or friends, but it is also worth a visit just to enjoy the other amenities they have to offer. The Stubli sounds like it will be a very welcome addition for everyone.

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