Things make their way across the internet pretty fast these days thanks to our social media obsession. We have YouTube stars and Twitter celebrities and then we have people who become internet famous for doing some questionable, but ultimately, hilarious things.

Kaitlyn Strom was at the Winstock Country Music Festival earlier this month when she quickly learned the meaning of being famous. The young lady stuck her head in a truck's exhaust pipe and got stuck. She was eventually freed by the local fire department but not before video and photos of the fiasco made their way onto the web.

In the end, it was all probably worth it because she - and the truck's owner, Tom Wold - scored an elite invite to be a guest on Kimmel's show Thursday night.

The two were guests via video chat where they spoke to the host from Darwin, Minnesota. (A fact of which Kimmel jokingly called 'ironic.')

Strom said she went to the festival to see Miranda Lambert and when she saw the tailpipe, she wanted to see if her head would fit. She ended up being stuck for 45 minutes and missed the entire show. Oops. Alcohol may have played a factor. Ha!

The tailpipe in question is now displayed at Darwin Tavern.

Watch the hilarious four-minute interview below. Trust me, it's worth your time.


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