The kids are out of school and you're looking for things to do with them that are free.  Even better, free and educational.  Who doesn't love animals???  THIS is the answer to your prayers and I guarantee both you and your children will enjoy an afternoon with the Minnesota Zoo Zoomobile right here in Duluth! Share this blog so all your friends bring their kids too...and don't forget to ask grandparents to share in the unique experience!!!

There will be two presentation by The Minnesota Zoo's Zoomobile at the Duluth Public Library on Wednesday, June 26. The first at 10:15 am at the Main Library (520 W. Superior St.) The second presentation will be at the West Duluth Branch Library (5830 Grand Avenue) at 1:00 pm; each program will last about 45 minutes.

Here's the scoop:  The naturalists will use a variety of animals, props and activities to lead children and adults through a process of discovery to recognize the relationships that connect all life on earth. They'll use live animals along with biological artifacts, theater techniques, and audience participation to make each program dynamic, personable, memorable, and fun. Some of the animals could include a great horned owl, ball python, opossum, tarantula, lizards and bugs from the rainforest.

The goal of all Zoomobile programs is to create a sense of stewardship and respect for the diversity and complexity of all life on earth. To accomplish this goal, the Zoomobile naturalists provide a foundation of information and knowledge for their audiences as they capture imaginations and stimulate curiosities about the natural world.