This story definitely didn't go as planned: a Minnesota woman got stuck in wet concrete while trying to get away from the cops.

Another weird crime story made headlines over the weekend when a fight broke out at a carnival in Blaine. A fight near the ferris wheel caused pandemonium when a large group of teens went into the nearby mall and eventually caused it to go into lockdown.

The story didn't end there, though. The police tried to tell the big group to leave and when they wouldn't, they had to declare unlawful assembly. This carnival was definitely the opposite of fun and games.

Another strange crime story? A Minnesota couple staying at a hotel in Detroit Lakes got the ultimate shock when a pickup truck came crashing into their room! The couple got very serious injuries in this freak incident.

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Another strange story is now making headlines. A woman in Rochester, Minnesota got stuck in wet concrete while trying to get away from the cops. Some residents spotted the entire thing!

According to WCCO, the incident happened on Monday (May 16th) and the reason there was wet concrete in the area in the first place is thanks to a construction project that was in progress.

WCCO also reports that the woman was driving "erratically" and causing a scene by using a bullhorn to yell at people nearby. Her name was not given but she is 53-years-old and was fleeing from cops who tried to pull her over for this behavior.

Another report gives more insight into how she ended up in the concrete, saying that she "accelerated" her car and booked it through the barricades put up to keep the public from the wet concrete. Her car, obviously, got stuck and the incident caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

Like I said, some residents in the area just happened to be nearby and caught the aftermath of the incident on camera. A resident named Don Regus shared several videos and photos in a local Rochester Facebook group.

The group is called "Spotted In Rochester" and it is a group for all locals to share funny things they see and ask and answer questions about the area. This has to be one of the strangest things to ever be posted in the group!

As for the woman who drove through the concrete, she was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and according to reports, charged with fleeing, first-degree damage to property and driving without insurance. Yikes.

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