No grinches here! According to, charitable giving is up this year from last. It's not a huge difference but it's a start. released a report Monday detailing the most charitable and caring cities in the country. The states that top the list give back the most. It is important to note the study only looked at the 100 biggest cities in the country. (Don't worry Duluth, I think you're charitable!)

  • The amount of money donated to charity
  • The number of hours residents spent volunteering
  • The number of homeless people housed in shelters

Madison, Wisconsin and Saint Paul, Minnesota both cracked the top ten. Minneapolis rounds out the top 20 while Milwaukee ranks in the top 50.

The study also had other a few other fun facts:

  • Milwaukee, Kansas City and Cincinnati are the cities that help their neighbors the most.
  • The six cities that do the least for their neighbors are all in Arizona. Ouch!
  • Those in Memphis and Tulsa give the highest percentage of their income to charity while Madison residents give the least, just above Laredo, Texans.
  • California and New Jersey spend big hours volunteering while those in Florida and Nevada spend the least.
  • Californians are big on carpooling but five of their major cities rank in the very bottom when it comes to sheltering the homeless.
  • New Jersey has the most caring teachers while California once again has five cities that rank last.
  • Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Madison have the most residents working in community and social service sectors.

The more you know!

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