According to a recent study done last month by the University of Minnesota Extension and the USDA Minnesota is the top turkey producing state in the United States, and should continue to be even with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Minnesota currently has around 600 turkey farms throughout the state.

Brigid Tuck, who is a senior economic impact analyst with the University of Minnesota Extension said to the Duluth News Tribune " We found that the average turkey farm in Minnesota generates $2.3 million in economic activity. Around half of those 600 farms are independent and the other half are owned and operated with a major processor."

In 2019 40 million turkeys were produced in Minnesota which accounts for 60% of poultry sales in the state. Tuck told the Duluth News Tribune: 

While turkey producers weren't upended by COVID-19 shutdowns, other poultry producers were hit hard. And the impact wasn't spread evenly, even for producers of the same product. Egg producers who were producing eggs for restaurant use plummeted, while demand for eggs in the grocery store quadrupled overnight. Turkey really glided through this relatively unaffected.

Most of the turkey that is produced is sold to delis and also to schools which were still making lunches for students despite being closed due to the pandemic. But with most festivals being canceled this summer the big turkey leg most people buy at those events was not being sold, so many farmers had to find a way to get creative. Some looked into finding new stores to distribute to or even food trucks.

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But with Thanksgiving right around the corner I am sure that for many turkey farmers their sales will continue to be stable. All I know is that I love turkey and would eat it every single day if I could. So I am glad to know that my turkey consumption is helping out Minnesota Farmers.

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