With warmer temps comes work to be done in home and cabin yards across the Northland.  With that in mind, the Minnesota DNR wants everyone to know that burning restrictions went into effect last week for parts of the state.

According to the DNR, the state will not give out burning permits for burning brush or yard waste while restrictions are in place. Debris burning is especially dangerous in April and May when most wildfires occur in Minnesota. Residents are encouraged to use alternatives to burning such as composting or hauling brush to a collection site.

Exposed dead grass and brush can light easily and burn quickly, especially in windy conditions, so before you burn click the link below to see if you are in a restricted area.

Because conditions can change quickly, it's also a great idea to call a local DNR Forestry office prior to burning.

Keep in mind that these burning restrictions do not apply to campfires, which are still allowed.

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