Hartley Park is significant to the region.  It's not only beautiful but it is rich in history and full of diverse habitats.  In order to preserve all it has to offer, Minnesota Power's Rajala Woods Initiative, the City of Duluth, and Hartley Nature Center have joined forces to plant a significant number of trees.

Today, May 18, between 10 AM and Noon, a team of local volunteers and MN Power staff will plant 30 potted trees and additional tree seedlings near the pedestrian bridge just 100 yards beyond the Hartley Nature Center.

The tree planting supports the City of Duluth’s Hartley Park Mini-Master Plan and the objectives of Hartley Nature Center to protect and enhance ecological values, restore the local ecology, and educate park users about Hartley’s natural habitats and its history.

It's a terrific big picture, long term plan that will help this area maintain its beauty and natural significance.


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