Minnesota lawmakers are considering to put an end to snow days.  Most students, parents and teachers alike are probably shaking their heads.  But, it's not what you think, students won't be expected to brave the harsh elements, there's another plan in place and here's why I don't think it will work.

First, let's look at the stats.  There was a time that a snow day or a day off from school because of freezing temperatures was a given, you took the day off and resumed as usual when you could.  Then, a couple of years ago because of the weather the school was closed several days and it became apparent that they may be adding days at the end of the school year to make up for time lost.  It's a matter of dollar and cents with the fact that when the kids weren't in school, the districts don't get money from the state or on the federal level.  But, honestly, our children have been going to school this year when it's been near -40 below and we haven't had a snowfall that has hindered the travel of buses yet.

Right away when you hear "no more snow days", you think that the students and faculty are going to have to brave the weather and make it to school, but the legislature has another plan and I don't think it will work.  If the weather is inclement, the kids would still be allowed to stay home for safety reasons, but it wouldn't be considered a snow day, it would be called an "e-learning day".  Meaning that students would work from home on a laptop or tablet and follow the lesson online.  With this system in place they wouldn't necessarily be cancelling school all together.  Teachers would have a work day in the aspect that they would be available to answer questions (no more staying home and remodeling the bathroom or sitting on the couch with a fleece blanket and bon bons).  The law that they are looking at would also require schools to provide the resources needed to make this work, as in computers and internet if a student didn't have it.

It won't work.  I think this was discussed sometime ago and the situation and issues remain the same.  Not all students have a computer, laptop or access to internet and the many districts are dealing with a budget deficit so outfitting the students would be near impossible.  Also, many students skip their classes as it is and that's when they are AT the school.  Do you really think that while they are home with little or no supervision, added distractions like friends, pets, siblings, games, food, texting, movies, the list going on that they are going to open a laptop to log in and learn?  Not to mention how would a teacher take accurate role?  A student could log on, be counted as present then leave the computer on and walk out of the room.

Are their accountability measures in place to assure this would work before a district spends money to outfit their entire student body?  What are your thoughts, do you think something like this would work?  I realize with the world of technology we are working towards this but with the lack of money and student motivation, I just don't see it happening in the near future.

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