The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Explore Minnesota are partnering to launch a new Outdoor Recreation Task Force to promote the benefits of being outdoors.

According to the Minnesota DNR:

There is mounting scientific evidence of the significant health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation. In addition, the impact of outdoor recreation to local, state and national economies is well-documented, as is the importance of Minnesota’s outdoor recreation opportunities as a key motivator for tourists to visit our state.

With that in mind, this new group will be tasked with making recommendations on how Minnesota can connect more people to the health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation, improve equitable access to outdoor recreation, and better support the state’s thriving outdoor recreation economy.  All recommendations will be delivered next fall.

If you'd like to be considered for the task force, follow the link below below to print off an application and get all the details needed to apply.

The agencies are accepting applications to serve on the task force until January 10.

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