For those of us that live in the Northland, we are used to seeing animals everywhere from people's dogs to bears, but goats not so much. Speaking of bears good thing school is out because I saw a huge black bear run across woodland avenue yesterday looking like he was coming from the UMD campus. Yikes!

I still freak out when I see a deer on the side of the road because I can't believe they are real, haha. But honestly, If I would see a massive amount of goats I would run into the backyard and try to pet the baby ones. Well, one family in Minnesota was not as amused as I think I would be.

On Saturday, July 30 Cheri Drake of Brainerd was at home when her son-n-law happened to look out their window and noticed how over 100 + goats munching away on her grass in the backyard.

Drake knew that the city of Brainerd had gotten some goats to clear out the buckhorn at a local park. She told the West Central Tribune: 

My daughter Ashley called 911 and the dispatcher really thought she was just kidding. And she goes, Well, some of the goats are white, some are black, some are black and white. Some are brown, brown, and white. There are little goats, and there are big goats and there's a couple of baby goats, and there's a pregnant goat. And by this time, the dispatcher is laughing.

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Brainerd Police Sgt. Paul Dooley said when the first officer arrived he decided to call animal control who said they do not deal with that kind of stuff. Oh, really you don't normally get calls about 100 goats in someone's backyard? So the officers walked through the woods and found the part of the fence that was down that the goats got through. Even though the fence was electric it was not working properly at the time.

Luckily one of the neighbors came in pretty handy in being able to assist the officers in rounding up the goats and getting them back into the park where they belong.  After they realized goats will follow the leader they were able to get them all rounded up in about 40 minutes. That would have been one sight I would have loved to see.

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