If you're a Minnesota resident concerned about getting a REAL-ID-compliant drivers license, it was announced today that you can continue to use your standard driver's license or other state-issued ID cards for domestic air travel until 2020.

According to StarTribune.com:

Minnesotans whose licenses expire before REAL ID licenses are available must still apply for a replacement, which will be valid at least through 2020. Minnesotans who apply for a REAL ID license before their normal license expires will be charged an early renewal fee spanning $2 for a renewal 17 months before expiration, to $6 for a renewal more than 29 months before expiration.


Minnesota was one of the states to be granted an extension after new federal guidelines for flights and access to federal facilities took effect in January. That extension was good until this October, but because the state is making strides towards meeting federal requirements, state residents will be able to use current, valid ID's through next year.

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