If you're a resident of Cook or Lake County, the Minnesota DNR could use your help.  They are looking for volunteers to help monitor the loon population in those counties for one day during the June 24 through July 4 monitoring period. 

According to the DNR, volunteers can choose one of the following lakes to count the number of adult and juvenile loons seen and report these observations to the DNR for data analysis. The time commitment is one to four hours per lake and surveys must be done between 5 a.m.- noon on one day during the monitoring period.

Cook County lakes that need volunteers include:

Burnt, Finger, Flame, Fourmile, Fox 16-637, Pike, Richey, Smoke and Two Island.

 Lake County lakes that need volunteers include:

Lake T, Shoepack and Thunderbird.

Surveys can be conducted from shore on smaller lakes, or by boat or canoe on larger lakes.  Also, the DNR will provide detailed instructions, training materials, maps and a data form.

Follow the link below to get all the details on this program.

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