The Minnesota DNR has announced the closure of certain portions of some Minnesota waters.  These routine, temporary closures are done to protect spawning fish in areas where habitat is limited and fish are very concentrated in one location.  These closings tend to occur each year as ice-out begins and waters begin to warm.

Here are the closure dates and locations posted at this time:

  • 4/1 - 5/25: Cross River (inlet to Gunflint Lake), located at Gunflint Trail to Gunflint Lake in Cook County.
  • 5/12 - 5/25: Junco Creek, located at first log dam above County Road 57 downstream to Devil Track Lake, and including a portion of Devil Track Lake near the river mouth in Cook County.
  • 4/1 - 5/31: Maligne River, (also known as Northern Light Rapids) located on the Ontario side of Saganaga Lake in Cook County.
  • 4/1 - 5/31: Saganaga Falls, located on the Minnesota-Ontario border where the Granite River enters Saganaga Lake in Cook County,
  • 4/25 - 5/12: Tait River, located at White Pine Lake to Forest Road 340 crossing, including a portion of White Pine Lake, in Cook County.
  • 4/1 - 5/31: An unnamed channel located between Little Gunflint and Little North Lakes on the Minnesota-Ontario border in Cook County.

Follow the link below for complete Minnesota fishing information from the DNR.

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