While I don't hunt, I was born into a family that hunts, was once married to a huge family that hunts and work with a co-host that looks forward to time off to hunt every year.  There was once a time when the rules came out in a small booklet and that was that, but not anymore, the Minnesota DNR is looking to talk with hunters about deer management.

The MN DNR reported that Minnesota firearms hunters registered 68,958 deer during the first two days of firearms deer season.  That's a lot of opinions and that is what they want to know because this would be Minnesota's first deer management plan ever!  That's so hard to believe given that people have been deer hunting for eons.

According to WDIO.com, while hunting is a huge part of managing the population of deer, the DNR acknowledges that there must also be a balance and they're looking for your ideas to do that.  I'm sure it's been a topic of discussion at the shack, around the kitchen table, maybe while having a beer at the local bar with your friends.  Now you can attend a meeting and your voice can hear those ideas that started with you saying "you know, I wish they would (insert your idea here)".

Their hope is to outline deer management goals by picking your brain.  Attend the meeting as a whole and they will break you up into smaller groups for brainstorming.  Some people are more comfortable speaking in a smaller group and you can really pick the idea or input apart.

They will be holding the meeting in Duluth on Wednesday, February 22 at Lake Superior College, 2101 Trinity Road in Room W2630. They will review all the information collected at the meeting and hopefully have a plan in place by 2018.

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