Did you think you'd be reading a headline like this when you woke up this morning? You probably didn't but it is kind of fun!

I love all things Halloween so it was perfect when I came across a spooky study that was done for the holiday this year. It gave me a good laugh and honestly, made a lot of sense once I got to reading about it.

A website called Lawnlove.com put together a list of the best cities for vampires out there - and a list of the worst cities for vampires. This study was done for the 2021 Halloween season so things could look a little different at this time next year!

So just how did this study come to be and why in the world is this study a thing in the first place? Let me break it down for you.

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First of all, the study was done to make people smile amid spooky season but more importantly, it was also done to raise awareness for the national blood shortage going on.

So how do you find out which cities in which states are the best for vampires? According to the site, they looked at the 200 biggest cities in the country and took note of how many blood centers, casket suppliers, homes with basements, sunshine and garlic festivals each has.

It looks like St. Paul has a lot to offer vampires because they broke the top ten! In fact, St. Paul is the sixth best city in the entire country for vampires. This is surprising, considering the city didn't make the top five for any of the factors here. The site did say that the lack of sunshine helped. Sigh.

It looks like the best state to be a vampire isn't too far from us - Illinois! The state has three cities in the top ten that are good for vampires. This can be attributed to a large vampire community there (yes, really) and how many caskets and blood centers they have, among other factors.

In case you're curious, Nevada, Arizona and California are not great places to be if you are a vampire. This is likely attributed to the abundant sunshine and garlic festivals.

My favorite part of the study is how creative the organizers got with figuring out the best cities for vampires. I also love that they did it in the name of awareness. While reading the study, I also learned that vampire-themed events or meetups are way more common than I thought.

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Things To Know For Your First Time Donating Blood

Donating blood can save lives. It's really important to donate if you meet the eligibility guidelines. If you've never donated before it might be overwhelming. Here's some information to help you get started.

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